We Nurture Sindhi Culture and Respect All Religion and Cultures
Sh. Sanjay Lodha
Sindhi Society Noida
H.No 188 Ward 12, Setor 37 G B Nagar NOIDA   201303   Tel: 98100 77157
   Website: www.noidasindhis.com Email: president@noidasindhis.com
Executive Body of Noida Sindhi Society (2018-19)
Vice President
General  Secretary 
Social Secretary
Additional Secretary
Public Relation
Sh. Sanjay Lodha
Kishore Kumar F Madhwani
Prem Prakash  Manghani
Sh. Shankar Lal Kalra
Sh. Anand Khubani
Sh. Prince Thakur
Mrs Prachi Dadlani



Sh. S.L Kalra Treasurer

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Chitra Sahjwani

Kishore Madhwani

Dr. H K Sahjwani

Mr Bhojraj H Santwani

Mr G G Bhagchandani

Mr Kapil Nathani

Mrs Mohini Kumar

Mr N D Haswani

Mr Anand Khoobani

Mr Prem Prakash

Mr. Vijay Keswani

Garva Se Kaho Ham Sindhi Hain

News Letters: May-2017

40 Members of Noida Sindhi Society Attended Sindhi Cheti Chand Mela at Panjabi Bagh Delhi .Sindhi Society arranged Bus with the efforts of Mr Motwani and Mr Kishore Madhwani .



Founder's Day Celeberated  on 26-01-2017

Jhule Lal Founder's day was celeberated by Noida Sindhi Society Members at Shiv Mandir near Raddison Hotel Sector 18 Noida.

More than 100 sindhi families gathered and sang Bhajans in praise of Sindhi God Jhule Lal. 

Jhule Lal Statue was installed on 26 January 10 years ago in Shiv mandir. Since then all sindhis of Noida gather at shiv Mandir on this day and dance and sing bhajans.

Elections Held in GBM held on 26-02-2017

Election of Executive body were held on 26-02-2017. Following Office bearers were unanimously elected:

Dr. H.K. Sahjwani,  0351, ATS Green Village Sector 93-A, Noida
Vice President:
Sh. Kishore Kumar F Madhwani, 188,  Sector   37,  
Gen.  Secretary:
Mrs. Mohini Kumar, G- 83, Sector 25, Noida.  
Sh. Shankar Lal Kalra, B-137, Sect-122,  Noida. 
Social Secretary:
Sh. G G Bhagchandani, 1702, Secor 29, Noida.
Addl. Secretary:
Shri NK Rupwani, D- 78, Secot 27, Noida.
Public Relation Secretary
Sh. Prem Prakash Manghani, 510/ 01, Govt.Hospital Campus, Sector 30, Noida.  9312409227

Ex Officio Executive Members.
  1. Dr. Murlidhar Bhawnani (Founder Member)
  2. Mr Wadhwani Founder Member
  3. Mr. Bhojraj Santwani
  4. Mrs Chitra Sahjwani (Ex. President 2012-14)
  5. Mr GT Bharani (Ex PRO 2014-16)

CHETI CHAND (29-03-2017):

Cheti Chand this year will be celebrated on 29 th March 2017. As a part of celebrations, Sharbat and

Sesa will be distributed to general public near Govt. Hospital Residential Complex, Sector 30 Noida

from 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. All members are requested to join the celebrations with family and make

the function a grand success.

Donations for the above function are most welcome and can be given during the function to Mrs. Mohini Kumar, General Secretary, Shri NK Rupwani, Additional Secretary or shri SL Kalra, Treasurer. Member(s) can also  become sponsor of the function by donating Rs 7000|-

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