We Nurture Sindhi Culture and Respect All Religion and Cultures
Mrs Chitra Sahjwani
Sindhi Society Noida
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Executive Body of Noida Sindhi Society (2019-20)
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Mrs Chitra Sahjwani
Mr. Bhagwan Motwani
Prem Prakash  Manghani
Sh. Shankar Lal Kalra
Sh. Anand Khubani
Mr. Bhojraj Santwani
Mrs Kanchan Khatri



Telephone numbers of both the Maharajs are given below:

Maharaj Shyamlal Sharma            9810393454

Maharaj Sanjay Sharma                9818976244        

Fixing of rates for Maharaj :  In Sindhi community Maharaj is supposed to perform all religious ceremonies.  As such, all Panchayats and other associations appoint a Maharaj to perform such duties.  We have also appointed Maharaj Shyamlal Sharma for the society.  Some members call him for various religious duties at various occasions.  However, it is essential that all our members do avail of his services as and when required.  Lately, the cost of livelyhood has gone up because of increase in the prices of all the things.  As such it was felt that the charges of Maharaj for diffeent services required increase.  We have now consulted Maharaj and have prescribed revised rates as given below:

Naming Ceremony (for boy/girl)           Rs.500.00

Thread Ceremony                                     Rs.1500.00

Marriage Ceremony (for girl)                 Rs.3100.00    

Marriage Ceremony ( for boy)               Rs.5000.00

Death Ceremony (first Day)                    Rs.1100.00     

Rasam Pagri (third day)                            Rs.500.00

Barho Ceremony                                       Rs.1000.00

Barhamasi (After a year)                         Rs.1500.00

Veesee for every month                         Rs.150.00       

Maharaj Shyamlal and his son Maharaj Sanjay will attend and perform all these ceremonies when called upon.  Maharaj Shyamlal has also assured that he would distribute Rakhris on Raksha Bandhan and Patris on Diwali to all the members as was the practice in Sindh. The representaives of various sectors are requested to introduce Maharaj to all the members in their respective sectors to enable him to perform these two duties.

Ladies, who keep fast on Tijri, can visit Maharaj's place to listen Tijri's Katha there.  Ladies can also arrange to listen the Katha at a place fixed by them and call Maharaj for the Katha.  Guryani will oblige them and will come to read them Katha.  Similarly who intend to listen Mahalaxmi's Katha can follow the above process and arrange to listen the Katha.       

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